About us

We Vainisikennel Breed purebred dogs for pet and show homes we purely trust on quality and the standards of the breed which it was developed and the purpose it was bred for. We not only concentrate on a breeding program we raise our puppies and dogs in a well socialized healthy environment which gives them a maximum comfort level to be grown has a healthy pet our puppies will be raised completely in a maximum level of mother nutrition till there complete cycle of lactation period so they get all their nutrition for there growth and can live entire life happily with there future pet parents we completely believe in a term the best therapist in has fur and four legs So we love them and respect them.

Our Breeding and raising pups

Mothers will be given complete nutrition and special care during there pregnancy and once the puppies are born they have given maximum time for their lactation and during the time we comfortably change them to a good premium puppy food and they go through a proper health check dewormings and vaccination cycle before they go to their new pet parents

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