They are strong,powerful,elegant and built dogs a proper Doberman should be fit powerful strong and elegant look they are one of the best working and guard dogs they are loyal pets and give there life for there family one of the most famous breeds in the world they are highly intelligent breed used in police operation like search,bomb squad and guarding they have a very powerful bite force even they are used has protection dogs the Doberman is energetic, watchful, fearless, and obedient.

Temperament:They can easily learn to respect and protect their owners and are therefore considered by many to be excellent guard dogs. Given that they are properly socialized from a young age, they are generally sociable toward familiar humans and can also be sociable with other dogs. However, Dobermanns do rank among the more-likely breeds to show aggressive behaviour toward strangers and other dogs, though they are not among the most likely to do so. They are highly unlikely to show aggressive behaviour toward their owners.

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