Golden Retriever Puppies In Chennai

  • Breed Name:
Golden Retriever
  • Life Expectancy:
10-13 years
  • Certified:
  • Price:
30000 to 80000
  • Breed Sex:
  • Address:
Selaiyur, Chennai, 600073.
  • Phone number:
+91 7010 626282
  • Email ID:
  • Ranks:
3 of 196
  • Group:
Sporting Group
  • Types:
  • Rating:
5 star
  • Size:
  • Health:
  • Personality:
Sweet, Calm
  • Train-ability:
Easy To Train
  • Energy Level:

Golden Retriever Puppies

We are the best breeders of the Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Chennai, This is one of the worlds famous and well-known breed and in the USA it’s a very common breed and Golden Retriever ranks NO.1 in popular dog .Golden Retriever is a highly intelligent dog which not only makes good family pet also Golden Retriever is used in police, hospitals and other works they are used as a disability assistance dog, therapy dog and a guide dog they are used for there super-intelligent character and them also a very good baby sitter if properly raised and trained.

Golden Retriever Appearance: They come in different shades of golden color and a white they have a long medium silky coat with a healthy shiny texture with a built body and a happy face with a wagging tail

Golden Retriever Temperament: Very friendly and playful with high intelligent easy to be socialized

Golden Retriever Puppies Maintenance: They do shed but with a daily brushing and a proper diet it can be reduced


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Golden Retriever Dog
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